Clarksons Platou is a full service investment bank and offers a range of financial advisory services to its global clients under regulatory licenses in both Norway and the US.

With a specialization in the global maritime sectors, the investment banking division offers services including equity and fixed income sales and trading, equity and credit research, corporate access and corporate finance services, including advising clients on a range of equity and debt capital markets and M&A transactions.

Clarksons Platou Securities is a part of the global Clarksons Group established in 1852 and has a total of approximately 90 employees located in Oslo and New York, with an affiliate in Houston.

Pepsi Max is a world vide famous drink and it is sugar free. By the end of 1994, Pepsi Max was introduced in Norway. They have many famous people, both athletes and celebrities, on their ambassador list and I am really proud to call myself one of them.

Their slogan ‘Live for now’ is also something I can relate to. This because I try to make the best out of every single day.

Subaru is a globally famous Japanese automobile manufacturer. They sell their cars all over the world and the slogan for the company in Norwegian is ‘Ustoppelig’ which means unstoppable. I really do enjoy that slogan, because this is what my teammates and I are trying to achieve. To be unstoppable. With their comfortable and great cars, Subaru is a brand that I am proud to be driving around in.

Moods Of Norway is a Norwegian top clothing and fashion brand, established in Stryn, Norway, in 2003 by founders Stefan Dahlquist, Peder Borresen and Simen Staalnacke. Their clothing line is based on unique Norwegian traditions. Today Moods of Norway has stores all over Norway, including stores in Los Angeles and New York City. 

Moods of Norway has been my partner since 2013. It is a young company with a creative and fun work environment. I am happy to be wearing Moods of Norway suites to all Rangers games this season, and also proud to be associated with this great company from my own home country.